Marketing is much more than just ads. It's about people, emotions and purpose. You can't sell on logic alone, you must have a balance.

- Adam Redfern / Creative Director

The average person sees around 5,000 ads/day. Depending on where we live and where we spend our time, this number can be much higher. So in order to cut through all the noise, your marketing has to be unique, valuable and purpose driven. 🚙

Marketing has been around for 1000's of years in different forms, and it's not going anywhere soon. Right now digital is at top of mind, and here's a quick tip to consider. What does your current digital marketing strategy look like? ✅

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Digital Marketing.

I'm sure by now you've already seen so many blog posts & educational videos telling you to start marketing, and they're right. With my clients I'm slightly different. I'll make sure to have a consultation with you beforehand to see if you'd be the right fit for what I do. This way I know I can bring you results that will make an impact.

To date I've worked with a large range of clientele from coffee shops to e-commerce stores. My clients who get the best results have a dedicated marketing budget of a few thousand/month. Marketing is so powerful and is worth every penny my clients spend. Working with my clients monthly, we are able to setup the perfect plan for the first 90 days of working together, and after that it's smooth sailing.

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Marketing has always been something we struggled to keep up with. After working with Adam we will never be lost again! The results we have seen have been amazing and it's helped us get to the next level.

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It's simple. There's no headaches, no stress, just a great relationship.

From working with many different types of businesses and people, the overall consensus is they dislike complicated processes, constant notifications back and forth and slow delivery. And this is the reason why clients keep coming back to me. I don't believe in any of these things either, it's about people and getting the best end product possible. No complicated processes, systems or time consuming meetings. Just real people working together. Sound good? Shoot me an email below.

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First off we will work together to put together a strategy that aligns with your brand and vision to produce the desired outcome.


With the strategy locked down, we can now do the fun bit. Running the marketing campaigns. This is the technical bit.


This is where we review the campaigns & strategy, and dive into the results generated. This is typically done in our monthly meetings.